Apple is moving towards a pay-for-iPhone subscription formula like Netflix

at the presentation event “far”Due on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, Apple is preparing to announce a new payment method for iPhone. In continuation of “iPhone Updater”already in some markets, the idea is to implement a subscription-based iPhone concept at a reasonable price, to allow customers to pay monthly for the device … or even to automatically renew it with each new model release.

This novelty was the subject of a new prediction by Mark Gurman. The Bloomberg journalist, who had already hinted at an iPhone subscription in the spring, confirmed that hunch just hours after the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro were introduced.

Cupertino will take advantage of the event to present this new formula. And stick to the rumors they expected Increase the price of new smartphones of the Cupertino giant, the timing would be perfect. This subscription option could really be a roundabout way to make the iPhone 14 more accessible to consumers.

How will it work?

Also according to Mark Gurman, this new subscription will be linked in one way or another to the bundle Apple One. By paying a monthly subscription, customers will thus get a new iPhone, as well as a number of services offered by Apple (but probably not all), such as Apple TV +, Apple Arcade or iCloud storage.

Logically, this new offering with the iPhone included will be more expensive than the classic Apple One formula, which includes all of Apple’s subscription services. So one would expect a price of around 50 euros per month, with a potential increase to get your hands on an iPhone Pro.

For comparison, an Apple One Premium subscription currently costs around €30. For Apple, the goal will finally be to keep it going iPhone upgrade program Which already allows the US to pay for the iPhone monthly and renew annually.

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