Apple is getting the Apple Car project back on track

The famous and respected Apple analyst, Ming Chi Kuoconducted a supplier survey, and according to its results, believes that Apple will form a new team to take over Apple Car Project. Indeed, recently, new rumors have been circulating about the so-called Project Titan.

Apple went through many stages of its alleged car project, neither confirming nor denying its existence. Industry analysts have been waiting for years for Apple to buy a car, a project that initially aimed to create a simple city car and then moved over time to a fully self-driving car.

Project Titan began in 2014 when Apple formed SixtyEight Research to work on making a car. And so the company began its journey in California in a chassis known as the SG5. The project was marked by many ups and downs and just as many changes in direction, as well as sudden changes in management.

Now, according to a tweet from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is building a new team to accelerate a project that went dormant during the Covid19 pandemic.

The latest reports indicate that Project Titan is accelerating. News that, as always when it comes to Apple’s gains, must be taken into account, although Ming-Chi Kuo has a good track record when it comes to the Cupertino company.

In fact, it appeared in 2018 that the car could be launched in 2023 and that Apple’s valuation would exceed $1 trillion. Of course, no one could have predicted the epidemic at that time. Due to Covid – in fact – two years have been lost and it will take time to recover lost work.

Is it reasonable to see an Apple car by 2025? It’s hard to say for sure, but Apple went the extra mile, turning to Kia, Hyundai, and Nissan to find a viable manufacturing partner. The date of 2025 may seem a little ambitious, but one thing is certain: an Apple car will be produced and we will see it within this decade.

Although Apple has not made any cars yet, the company is already seen as an attractive car brand with many potential buyers who will be ready to buy the car as soon as it is released.


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