Apple is about to put more ads on iPhones

Apple is increasing the number advertisements that will be shown to users on their iPhone to increase their ad revenue. This news comes from the information who published a lengthy report that delves into how it works Apple Advertising Team and internal concerns that the company’s growing advertising business is doing well so far.

However, this strategy did not seem to be liked by its employees. Advertising department heads see that show more ads It will hurt the brand And user experience, and so it can come back to haunt the company cause decline in sales.

Apple has banned the words

The Apple Advertising team works in a unique way of selling. Employees must comply Accurate rules It is not allowed to use certain keywords when discussing the company’s advertising business.

At Apple, for example, terms like “placementora programcan not be used. The company indicates that it can be replaced with “Refine the audience” And the “algorithmThe same scheme Apple enforces when an advertiser buys ads that appear when users search for competing brands: none.Invade“but better”Brand defense“.

Not to mention how Apple requires (or rather forces) its employees to speak in appropriate tones about its products. terms like “targeting” I am Seen in smoke and mirrors, also because the Cupertino company does not allow targeted advertising. In fact, Apple has long banned the ads team from focusing on user groups of fewer than 5,000 people. All this, according to Apple, to protect User privacy.

Criticism overwhelms Apple

The increase in App Store ads, in recent weeks, has stirred up criticism by users, consumers and developers. Also, according to a report the informationApple intends to add ads as well Apple Maps And the + Apple TV. However, there are rumors that the company has no plans to grow its advertising division. At least not to the same extent as Meta or Google.

According to Mark Gorman of bloombergApple’s director of advertising, Todd Teresi, wants more than that Double The current revenue Apple receives from and accesses from its advertising business 10 billion dollars annuallyFor $4 billion now.

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