Apple Deletes Half a Million Apps: What’s Up?

According to a recent report by market research firm Finbold, apple Then canceled Half a million applications From the App Store in the third quarter of 2022, a cleanup Without precedents, greater than that implemented in the second quarter of last year. Right now, there are approximately 1.64 million apps left on the Apple App Store: Not so little since 2015.

540,000 apps have been removed

To be precise, Apple canceled it 541697 The app equals 24.79% of the total number of apps published on the App Store, which thus increases from 2,184,456 to 1,642,759.

We have to go back to The second quarter of 2015 To find this low number of apps published on the Apple App Store, while the maximum was between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, when the apps published exceeded 2.2 million.

Because Apple has canceled many apps

Apple deletes thousands and thousands of apps from its online store every year Cleaning is frequent and normal: is mainly implemented at the expense of Applications that have not been updated Regularly.

The basic idea is Reduce confusion And crowding the App Store to provide the user only with the latest, up-to-date, safe and, above all, respectful Grammar imposed by Apple itself.

When the app is not updated for a long time or no longerat the baseApple waives it to the developer 30 days To post the update, which the app went through It has been removed from the store.

The new rules make apps a massacre

In Apple’s Key Rules: Staying on the App Store must be respected by Allnot even web giants like Half or epic games.

Among the latest rules introduced by Apple is just that User tracking is prohibited Through apps, which infuriated Meta because of the significant economic damage caused by the inability to manage advertisements tailored to the user. Meta claimed to lose approx $10 billion a year Because of this simple rule.

So it’s easy to imagine how all developers, big and small, struggle with pro-privacy rules of this kind. Except that not everyone has a Meta budget: many stop app development and abandon it, because It is no longer profitable. In fact, almost all free apps actually live off of tracking the user for advertising purposes.

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