Apple asks Disney to create headset content

as he reported ReutersApple is vying for partners who can deliver virtual reality content High level of upcoming VR headsets. during this timehalf a dozen media partners“There’s also Disney, but apparently nothing official yet. In fact, along with the Phantom Apple Car, the VR viewer (which could possibly be AR, or MR) is one of them. Apple’s secret project in the last ten years.

Apple viewer is called Reality Pro

Meanwhile, the usual expert Mark Garman of bloomberg announced other news about Apple’s VR viewer. First, set the device toreality pro” And also seems to be involved in the development of Sony This is the company I was entrusted with Two very high resolution displays.

there will be a number external camera This allows you to see what’s happening outside in real-time on the viewer display as if you were seeing it with your own eyes.

According to Gurman, Apple’s viewer looks like this: not at all It’s even more complete than what Meta currently offers. For example, this headset enables virtual meetings based on FaceTime and immersive video.

Must have the ability to become real external display for Mac connected At the same time, you can replicate many of the features available on iPhones and iPads.

Apple headset tracks eyes and hands

But the trump card Apple puts on the plate is technology. eye and hand tracking What the device can provide.

For example, who wears Realty Pros? Looking You can select buttons, app icons, or other items. To activate the selected button or app at a glance, put thumb and index finger together, no need to hold another controller. What all other viewers on the market today have instead.

As already highlighted by other rumors, the Apple viewer will be the model Mixed Reality (MR), that is, it offers both virtual and augmented reality. And switching from one to the other is done via the Digital Crown, like the one currently available on the Apple Watch. The transition from virtual reality to augmented reality, according to Apple, “wow effect“.

And to satisfy all users, Apple, users who wear corrective glasses We offer specific models custom lens Installed directly into the viewer.

With FaceTime, every call becomes a live conversation as if you were at your coffee table. Her two users wearing viewers see their respective viewers. Entire interlocutor, with a real face and body.this is big step forward Compared to meta viewers who replicate people with cartoon-like avatars in video calls.

This real person viewing feature is only available for one-on-one calls, but for group calls, due to the computing power required to make a virtual person look like a real person, Participants are displayed in the following format: Memoji.

Reality Pro, when will it arrive?

Gurman says Apple’s headset could debut this springBut only in the US. In fact, Apple could assess the impact on the domestic market before exporting. Its cost, as already mentioned in other situations, is $3,000.

However, Apple recognizes that such prices do not make it a mass-market product, Cheapest headset at $1,500It’s about the same price as Meta’s best viewer, namely Meta Quest Pro (€1,799 in Italy), and should be updated to a new model by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025 at the latest.

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