App Store subscriptions may become more expensive without your consent

Apple just made a change to the App Store rules that may not lead to entirely dire consequences. This relates to payment management for apps that require a subscription: Previously, as the subscription cost increased, it was necessary to ask the user for confirmation. But things can change.

From now on, in fact, the prices of some applications you have subscribed to can increase without major problems, Whereas in the past this meant automatic subscription cancellation. The reason for this change, according to Apple, is to avoid situations in which, due to a payment halt, The user loses access to the service whose subscription expired by mistake.

to me All this has some limitations. The price of weekly or monthly subscriptions cannot be increased by more than half, and the difference between the new and old subscription cannot be more than $5. However, for annual events, the limitation is that the cost has not increased by more than $50.

You have to specify that The user will still be warned, but their explicit consent will not be necessary to proceed with the renewal. In cases where the previous conditions are not respected, the user will have to manually re-subscribe.

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