“Antifa deleted from Twitter.” And Musk responds like that

Continuing to discuss the new “libertarian” policies of Twitter, now owned by Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk. Who doesn’t miss an opportunity to respond to someone coming under fire, even satire. This is the case of the youtuber Ramzpaul, author, according to what he writes, one “Satire poking fun at the establishment“, which states: “Twitter is reportedly targeting pedo accounts. So it deletes most antifa accounts from twitter“. Probably just a toxic joke against the ultraprogressives, but to which Musk himself replies: “Eliminating child exploitation is our #1 priority. Please respond in the comments if you see something Twitter needs to address.” A discussion arose, which was also joined by conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who underlined how “A large number of Antifa accounts operate Twitter to promote riots, make suggestions on how to commit violent crimes, and post the names, photos, and addresses of targets and their family members“.

The Balenciaga case: Away from Twitter, heaped with criticism

Meanwhile, the network is unleashed Balenciaga. The famous fashion brand has removed its Twitter account, it has been confirmed Fashion in recent days: a move that looked like a clear stance against Musk’s management of the platform. Balenciaga follows in the footsteps of other well-known brands such as Whoopi Goldberg and Shonda Rhimes, as well as General Motors and Pfizer, who have decided to suspend advertising on the social platform.

Too bad the brand has been caught in the storm in recent hours over adverts showing two little girls with stuffed animals in what appear to be “bondage” attire. In one image, a red-haired girl wears a branded t-shirt while holding the strap attached to a stuffed white bear, which in turn is wearing a vest with a padlocked collar around its neck. On Twitter, many users called the pictures “creepy“, “creepy“.”This is bloody disgusting and irritating. I’m doing my best to avoid what looks like conspiracies here on Twitter, but they intentionally included this child pornography reference in their footage‘ one user pointed out. Twitter had already left the brand because of Musk, otherwise his account would have been inundated with criticism.

The tycoon’s slap to the EU

Musk not only has to deal with hostility from the big brands, but also from the European institutions, which do not welcome his leadership of Twitter. The company taken over by the Tesla founder has indeed closed its Brussels office: it was a small office with fewer than 10 employees, but crucial for maintaining good relations with the European bureaucracy that was introduced last week under new corporate law Big Tech and social platforms. Twitter’s two digital policy chiefs in Europe – Julia Mozer and Dario La Nasa – left the company last week, five people familiar with the situation confirmed to the financial daily.

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