Angel Out November cover (text and translation)

Zayn Malik sing Jimi Hendrix In a great classic by the Seattle guitarist who changed rock history forever. Previous One-way He never hid his passion with a voice crafty girland, at the last hour, declared his personal tribute.

Zayn Malik sings Jimi Hendrix

The release will be released on Friday, November 25th angel Sung by Zayn Malik. The British singer-songwriter has released a joint teaser with the approved profile of Jimi Hendrix in which we can hear his voice moving the chords of the song, in an atmosphere that seems to have been taken from a live performance.

An angel descended from heaven yesterday.Zayn Malik sings a tribute to one of Hendrix’s greatest hits. guitar player voodoo child He wrote the song in 1967 and recorded a demo.

The first version was useful And Jimi Hendrix added the text to it a year later, in 1968, while working on the electrical Lady Land. The song came out only in 1971 with the record The cry of lovethe first posthumous album released after the death of the artist.

some verses angel It was recited during the funeral of Jimi Hendrix, who, according to critics, wrote a script imagining a dialogue with his deceased mother. Lucille.

This song is to this day considered one of the Seattle guitarist’s most profound works, which remains a lesson in style, technique, and live work for contemporary artists today.


The cry of love

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Zayn Malik’s commitment to poor children

Zayn Malik recently wrote to the British Prime Minister to ask the government to commit to extending free meals in school canteens to children from families receiving Universal Credit as well.

For this reason, the former One Direction has put up for sale some T-shirts the proceeds of which will be donated to Feeding Britain.

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[Verse 1]
An angel descended from heaven yesterday
You stayed with me
Just long enough to save me
And she told me a story yesterday
About the sweet love between
Moon and deep blue sea
And then it spreads its wings high above me
She said she would come back tomorrow

And I said, “Shake my sweet angel
fly in the sky
Fly on my sweet angel
Tomorrow I will be by your side

[Verse 2]
Sure enough, this morning came to me
Silver wings were silhouetted against the rising sun of the child
She told me my angel
Today is the day of laughter
Take my hand, you will be my man
will rise
Then she took me up there

And I said, “Shake my sweet angel
fly in the sky
Fly on my sweet angel
Forever I will be by your side


Yesterday an angel descended from heaven
And she stayed with me long enough
to save me.
And yesterday he told me a story
On the deep love that goes around
Between the moon and the deep blue sea
Then he spread his wings over me
He told me he would come back tomorrow.

And I said, “Fly, my sweet angel
Fly in the sky
Fly, my sweet angel,
I will be with you tomorrow.”

I’m sure this morning
She came back to me
With its shaded silver wings
on the sunshine of a child,
And my angel told me:
This is the day you will be reborn.
Take my hand, you’ll be my leg,
You will be reborn.”
And he took me there.

And I said, “Fly, my sweet angel
Fly in the sky
Fly, my sweet angel,
I will always be with you.”

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