Android TV and Google TV both welcome APK files: AAB App Bundles are coming soon

Change Android TV and Google TV: No more APK filesfrom May 2023 Space to bundle apps. A small revolution, the one that Google has passed on to the developers, for the sake of Optimize the resources available to TVs, on average less than smartphones, tablets and businesses. Google states that, on average, in 2022, smartphones have a capacity of at least 64 GB, and smart TVs have only 8 GB, which is a significant difference that has pushed the company towards private applications.

Instead of using APK files that contain more useful resources for smartphones and their derivatives than TVs, as is the case now, even on large screens, There will be app bundles (abbreviated AAB) with what you need. So developers have the burden of making AAB an APK by May 2023 that they want to make available on Android TV ( Very well known Android TV) and Google TV, a The job According to Google about three days Against a “deadline” set six months later.

Benefits of AAB OVER APK

Google promises that the App Bundle version of the Android Package Kit is “Smaller, faster, updated and better” For use on smart TVs. The Key benefits:

  • Smaller size: estimated average 20% less
  • Chances of uninstalling apps are reducedGiven the smaller size
  • Usable all android devicesnot just smart TVs.

Applications that will not be converted in time, so by May 2023, from APK to AAB may be invisible to smart TVs.


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