Android TV 12 launch date is almost here: here’s all the news

We are all used to seeing Google TV and Android TV, which are two of the most popular streaming platforms along with Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

When you buy a smart TV, you’re choosing from a list of operating systems made for TV that can take advantage of the full range of streaming content. These can be proprietary systems or Android TV installed. However, all major brand platforms have access to top streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.

Android TV 12 is coming soon

What also makes them popular is the selection of features that differentiate each platform. The latest version of Android TV is version 11, but compatible Android TV devices will be updated to the latest version soon.

Google unveiled Android TV 12 last year and it has been in testing ever since. Today’s news is that the company has confirmed its arrival soon.

what’s new?

A new blog post from Insider Paul Lammertsma refreshes our memories of the new features coming with a new blog post.

To begin with, specific Refresh rate It will let you choose the frequency you want to watch on TV. You can choose from multiples of 24Hz, 25Hz, and 30Hz for more flexibility when watching different types of content. As mentioned in the blog post, if you’ve been watching content created at 24Hz, we’ll be able to switch to 48Hz for smoother playback.

If you sit far from the screen or have vision problems, this new feature will be equally useful. With Android TV 12, you can actually use a Text scaling to switch between small, default, or large sizes.

If you have a 4K TV, Android TV user interface It will display itself in native 4K resolution to enhance your viewing experience.

An exact launch date has not been announced at this time. We’ll keep you posted once there’s an official communication.

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