Android clipboard gets a share button nearby

Alessandro Nodari

Anyone with a smartphone updated to Android 13 (which manufacturers offer the best support) will notice this, along with other new features, when copy Something (text or images) appears in Clipboard A floating window With a preview that allows Quick share.

This is especially useful for those who are in debt To participate Quick links or even just sentences, as shown by Google at I/O 2022 You must have received supplementation with neighboring post (close share), which is a feature the search giant has been working on a lot lately.

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Now very attentive Mishaal Rahmanafter enabling it in preview In June he watched it on his device. The clipboard window now basically shows a file New button to the right of the post that allows you to quickly access the nearby post. Below you can see what it should look like.

Source: Mishaal Al-Rahman

This solution is much more than that relaxing From the current one, which includes clicking on the first Share button Then that nearby In the next window (picture below), and continues in the same vein as the latest updates from Google, which wants to improve the functionality in the same way as AirDrop from Apple.

How does Nearby clipboard sharing work now?

by clicking onspecially himself, instead, go toText editorswhich allows you to make changes if you copied text, or From the pictureto add notes or crop/rotate the image if the image has been copied.

The update must be done on the side server, So there is no need for any action on your part, but we haven’t been able to observe the moment yet New button In our devices updated to android 13 so maybe version it’s happening gradually.

And you own it Receive? Let us know in the comments below if you answered yes and what you think.

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