Android Auto wireless and without cables: Motorola announces accessories

Most newer cars in a certain price range offer wireless Android Auto, while some older models can only use it wired. An inconvenient solution since you have to connect your smartphone every time.

Here is theMotorola MA1. A small object similar to Google’s Chromecast that can be connected to the car via USB. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to this small device and you’re done. Here’s with a wireless Android Auto system.

The MA1 uses the 5 GHz WiFi band for operation, weighs only 31 grams and is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. The manufacturer recommends having a smartphone with at least Android 11. Also note that the device doesn’t seem to work with some brands, such as Mitsubishi.

Many dream of seeing a manufacturer that wants to go a little further and propose a device that allows you to integrate Android Auto into a car that doesn’t have it, like a Chromecast that turns any TV into a Smart TV.

At the moment, the device has not yet been released and is only available for pre-order for the USA at $89.95. Maybe a bit pricey for such a simple device, but still in line with solutions from lesser-known brands.

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