Android 13 will slow down your data connection, but for good reason

Developing the application also means making sure that it will be able to work properly in it Unfavorable communication situations. To make life easier for developers and test the behavior of their apps with limited, reduced, or simply acceptable connection speeds, Google is working on a dedicated tool that it apparently plans to add to Android 13.

In detail, we learn from Expert blogwhose comments were reported by Android Police, Google added code to Android’s network connection APIs to allow developers to Limit bandwidth manually in the next version of BONE. This manual function can be run on a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, allowing for accurate testing. An ideal solution for simulating more or less complex communication contexts.

However, it seems that this novelty will only be reserved for some devices, those equipped with kernels with specific configuration options, in particular: CONFIG_NET_SCHED and CONFIG_NET_SCH_INGRESS, reports Android Police.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Android 13 would only keep functionality for certain devices, but in this case, the limited compatibility won’t affect the end user: Developers will only care and will have to get a compatible mobile phone to run their tests.

This addition to the Android network connection APIs is not yet functional in the current version of Android 13. However, there are indications that Google may activate it with the first final beta scheduled for next month. So interested developers will have to be patient for a few more weeks.

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