Android 13: Using your smartphone in total darkness is becoming more comfortable

According to trade journalist Mishaal Rahman, Android 13 should add a feature that lets you turn on night mode automatically when you go to bed.

Now you might be wondering: can’t Android 12 already do that? Although it is already possible to activate the dark mode at a preset time, the smartphone with the new version of the operating system will take over the data contained in the digital wellness menu when you go to sleep.

How is it activated?

As you know, this is for displaying white text on a black background. The advantage is twofold: yes Avoid burning your retinas in the middle of the night and also save battery power on OLED screensbecause a black pixel is a dead pixel.

Being able to tie dark mode activation time to bedtime could also help make using the option more comfortable instead of just having a fixed schedule.

When you’re done, just go to the on-screen menu and the option will appear in the special dark theme menu.

Android 13: when will it be presented?

Google has a habit of showcasing its new operating system at the Google I/O conference, which is usually held in May. So we’ll have to wait for the months of September or October before Android 13 arrives on some high-end phones and then continues on other models in 2023.

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