Android 13: Preview Discoveries of two new and interesting features

While Android 12 is gradually being released by the major cell phone manufacturers on the latest models, Google is already working on the next version of its system for smartphones and tablets. Android 13. The main innovations will not be known before June, but the Android Police website has already been able to discover some expected features.

In yesterday’s article, colleagues revealed some screenshots obtained thanks to an evolving version of the system. Enough to discover two features expected with Android 13.

The first of these concerns the administration of different user accounts connected to a smartphone or tablet. As a demonstration there are two screenshots shared by Android Police, Android 13 should actually facilitate the user’s passage straight from the lock screen. In addition to the direct account change via the quick settings bar, Android 13 should enable the user to be selected on the lock screen when he enters his code to access the smartphone.

In the uploaded screenshots Three choices are offered: owner, restricted and normal user (regular user). It is not known if these are three types of profiles or the name of the profiles configured before the screenshot.

In addition, Android Police points out that it is not yet foreseeable whether this user management will only be reserved for shared tablets or smartphones as well.

Activation of the voice assistant

The other novelty discovered this time by Android Police for Android 13 concerns the activation of Google Assistant. On Android 12, if users choose to keep button navigation, it will no longer be possible to long press to bring up the Google Assistant home button. On Android 13, this interaction seems to be enabled again, but also disabled.

In recent weeks, leaks of Android 13 have increased. In particular, we have learned that the management of speakers, headphones and speakers has been simplified, that the clock on the lock screen can be changed and that more applications can appear in the background.

The final version of Android 13 is not expected until this fall. However, Google is expected to unveil the most important news during the traditional I/O conference in June.

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