Android 13 on Google Pixel 7 also with Paranoid Android

It is likely that anyone who buys a Google Pixel series smartphone will also do this because they want to benefit from the Google experience and this includes the availability of the latest mobile operating system updates for the Mountain View giant, but someone may be interested in various mods and customizations. ROMs. Such as Paranoid Android.

Well, the Paranoid Android developer team has released the first version of Android 13 for the smartphones of the series Google Pixel 7is still in beta but in any case it should not display particularly annoying errors.

Paranoid Android Topaz Beta 1 running Android 13 on Google Pixel 7

According to the developer, the first beta also supports face unlock and a number of features exclusive to the Google Pixel range.

in the past few hours, second beta by Paranoid Android Topaz for Android Google Pixel 6 And the Pixel 6 ProBuild Fixes some bugs (such as crashes, device restarts, or overheating) and offers support for Face Unlock and OTA updates.

for none phone 1However, in the last few hours third betawith support for face unlock, improved vibration, startup time, automatic brightness, and resolution of some bugs (such as those related to the display, Bluetooth, and charging speed).

How to download custom ROM

If you are curious and want to download Paranoid Android Topaz for one of these smartphones, all you have to do is take advantage of the following links, which will take you to the dedicated page:

Remember to install custom ROM Various modifications may result in damage to the device for which the manufacturer’s warranty may be excluded.

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