Android 13 Developer Preview 1: Here are the new features

First preview of Android 13 (code name: tiramisu) It’s finally here. It is mainly aimed at developers, so that they can test new features and make sure there are no compatibility issues. Among the new features are privacy system updates, materials for you, and much more.

as expected, Android 13 will bring more extended support for Material You. All application icons will be able to use them, allowing developers to design more responsive graphics. In addition, support for two different home screens has been added simultaneously to improve the user experience on foldable devices.

Speaking of security, Google has introduced a new system that allows you to share individual photos only with the apps that require them. Besides, there is a new Wi-Fi calling setting to reduce the generated location data. Finally, from this version, guest accounts will be able to use applications already installed on the device, Without the main user data being viewable.

The rest of the changes are aimed primarily at developersThe. This includes an API capable of checking the main language used by users and updating some Android libraries to Java 11.

Android 13 will officially arrive in the second half of the year. In the meantime, anyone can download the developer version and experience the changes, keeping in mind that encountering many bugs at this stage of development is inevitable.

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