Android 13 beta program coming soon

In the last few hours, and following the usual communication strategy, Carl B Take advantage of the social network Twitter for Spoil None OS 1.5.0a version of the Nothing Phone (1) operating system based on Android 13 that is not yet available either widely or in preview, as the company announced that it wanted to take it quietly regarding the release of the first, right, major update for your smartphone.

The CEO of the startup also hinted at this A beta program should be available soona solution that could calm perhaps those members of the community who believed in this project, disappointed by the delay in the release of the update for the latest version of the green robot (contrary to what other competitors with much more crowded catalogs did).

Carl Pei Predicts Android 13 for Nothing Phone (1)

Let’s get back to dealing with none phone (1)the first smartphone from the startup he founded Carl Bthe former CEO and co-founder of OnePlus, is eager to bring in A breath of fresh air In the panorama of Android smartphones.

Boasting mid-range specifications and an iconic design that fuses the brand’s philosophy that has emerged since the launch of its first ever product, the Nothing Ear 1 (you can check out our review here), the smartphone was launched last July also in Italy with a launch called the Onboard System. There is no operating systembased on Android 12 and able to deliver a user experience in line with the version stock of Android, albeit rich in some customizations (purely aesthetic, but not only) that he has developed with me and Partners, which have since received several updates, the most recent in chronological order being Update To None OS 1.1.6 Which resulted in improved video recording.

As early as August, community users started wondering when it would arrive Android 13 For their own smartphone, questions that the same thing Carl B replied by saying “A product is more than its specifications, features, and version numbers“.

This sentence seems to indicate that in nothing We were in no rush to release our first major software update none phone (1) Which, for the record, launched with the promise of three years of Android updates. Among other things, the announcement of the update was announced later Android 13 It won’t arrive before the 2023 primary, at least in stable form.

Something, however, seemed to be moving. through a Tweets (as described above), in fact, is the same Carl B to me Spoil Something about it, a true humorous post, embodied in a screenshot of your smartphone’s info screen, updated to Unpublished None OS 1.5.0 Based on Android 13.

The beta program is coming soon

After the discussion on this topic Tweetsit is possible to find, in particular, the question of the user who asked if there would be a shareware, which Carl B He answered personally, limited to “soon.”

It is clear , nothing Had to run for cover to respond to the many criticisms made by community members who criticize the very long time it took to release the update to Android 13 to Phone (1)stressing the fact that the company has only one device in its catalog, unlike other manufacturers (albeit more famous and actually larger) who have several smartphones in their catalog and who have already moved to give their users this major update of the green robot .

None OS 1.5.0therefore, it could be a weapon of nothing to try to win back the most demanding members of its community and capture more potential customers, in addition to an update that would bring Phone (1) All new features of Android 13, improving the overall experience.

despite Carl B He did not disclose more details either at the beginning of the beta program or about the nature of this program (we do not know, in fact, whether it will be an open beta or a closed beta), it would be very interesting if Android 13 day will arrive none phone (1) Before the start of the new year, at least in beta.

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