Android 13: all the news revealed by Google

During last night’s conference, Google officially introduced the new features to developers Android 13 beta 2. Let’s find out about the most interesting news that lies ahead!

Greater control over privacy and notifications

The main focus of Android 13 is related to notifications. From now on, the app will have to ask our permission before showering you with little incentive to visit it. Thus we move from opt-out logic (you are automatically opted in and you must disable notifications) to opt-in logic (you must agree to be subject to notifications). A real revolution and hopefully a real daily time saver.

In the face of iOS 15 and iPhone, Android is often accused of being less respectful of privacy, which is why Android 13 emphasized this point.

Android 12 already focused a lot on privacy but the new version wants to go one step further by adding some interesting options. The first is quite simple: until now, when you give an app permission to access your files, you can’t filter the exposed data. Android 13 will now separate access to local files into two parts: “Photos and Videos” and “Music and Audio”. In this way, the application that deals with audio should not, for example, have access to photos from our beach holidays.

Still within the scope of permissions, Android 13 will reduce the number of apps that can access your location. Also, your clipboard history will be cleared regularly, to prevent apps from accessing sensitive information.

Finally, on the security front, a future update includes a new menu entirely dedicated to this topic.

Customization and materials are you

Needless to say, the most welcome new things in Android 12 are Material You and its Monet system, which allows you to adapt colors to the background. Google is well aware of this.

So Mountain View decided to solve Monet’s main problem: now, apps that aren’t part of the Google suite will be able to take advantage of this color customization. The result is immediate: a more cohesive and aesthetic welcome screen.

Media control has also been overhauled to further customize the experience.

Media and application controls

Another small plus: each application will eventually be able to work in a different language, previously chosen by the user. For example, if you communicate in English with your loved ones, but you speak Italian at work, you can decide that the personal communication app works in English and the work app in Italian. Useful for few, but always useful.

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