And the opposition shouts to the regime under the dictation of “Republic”

In San Remo, even if you are not in competition, you have to play classics, melodies, which is the tradition of all Italians. What could be more nationally popular than the pinnacle of evergreen anti-fascism, played by the great left-wing singer Benigni? While evaluating the Calderoli reforms, there are those who have read signs of interference from the Constitution. That may have been the Quirinale’s intention, but the genuine interpretation of the clown’s rant came from the Republic column: a fascist dictatorship that stifled free speech and imprisoned criminals. Local elections Three days before , Rating Battleship elegantly reminds us that if you vote for your great-grandchild, or are presumed to be, you risk being taken out of your house at night and thrown in jail.

It is unlikely that he will be able to move votes. Thus, having already been in politics before going to government, even rocking the specter of 20 years would have prevented a landslide of voters to what is defined as the extreme right. I couldn’t get it. Now, more than 100 days into his administration, it is clear to everyone that the last thing to worry about is authoritarian drift, so the results are hard to come by. It seems like another media cancan. As we know, Italians are grappling with deep-rooted structural problems, schools, the judiciary, an economy that does not create decent job and salary opportunities, and the cost of living has been rising for decades. Well, for months he’s been served dinner on TV. It’s fine to disagree. It’s the salt of democracy, but why cling to trifles that objectively almost no one cares about? How come the media keep billing them for weeks? Above all, do you have a political ideology? We tend to think that political parties have reference newspapers, but we can also organically oppose reference newspapers called Fatto, as in the case of 5S. There is a naive movement born from “buffer”.

Surprisingly, even the Left, in its mutable assemblage, is actually organic to the media systems it produced. Perhaps, as of the Metaverse, it is an avatar of the Left, a media intellectual who dictates an agenda to political institutions, seemingly almost forced to pursue it, aiming at its usual ends. Daily observation of the navel was interrupted. A pirouette of fusion and fission. Perhaps this is the inability to formulate a political proposal that satisfies the interests of the people beyond the Bastiani Fortress in the historical center of the wealthy and enlightened, now recorded, but too many, too few I am electrocuted. Because, after all, media intellectuals do not rely on mediocre election results and shine in their own light. they are the light. They see politics as a sport, and it’s about getting involved and waving the flag – about yourself. to govern? why?

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