An information meeting with insurers on Monday

It was the end of October and the file is not yet closed regarding the fees. People in difficulty can contact the CPAS of Remicourt to find out the procedure to follow. We could not reach the chairman of the OCMW this Thursday, but Mayor Thierry Missaire confirms it to us: “There are several dozen files”.


On November 21, the SWDE sent a letter to the Hodeigeois: “We are sorry for this situation that has endangered your health. The image of water quality has been damaged and confidence in tap water must be restored,” the letter reads.

We can also read that citizens can submit a request for compensation via email: [email protected], stating: “We will handle your request ourselves in order to reduce your administrative procedures, it is up to us to get back return to the ‘ASSISTANCE’ .

Finally, it should be noted that Ethias will be present at the municipality this Monday, at the request of the municipal administration, this Monday, November 28, between 4 and 7 p.m. (Ethias is the operational civil liability insurer of AIDE and one by this company).

“During this meeting, the expert and Ethias representatives are at your disposal to answer your questions and, if necessary, to submit your complaints”.

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