An entire village for Alzheimer’s patients: How is this possible?

A real village dedicated to Alzheimer’s patients. There is a very special and pioneer retirement home in a Dutch town. Let’s see what it is.

After seeing the wonderful retirement homes with kids in Japan, here is a country with a population of about 17,000 It is famous for its chocolate and porcelain factories, a totally innovative active retirement home, which we should probably take inspiration from. We are talking about Weesp located in the Netherlands.

The residence for the elderly with dementia consists of 23 houses, streets and structures of various types. Each guest can move freely within the neighborhood as long as they are accompanied. In addition to, They are free to furnish the rooms with their personal items Like pictures and furniture. Specifically, this method is called “reminiscence therapy.”

The main goal, of course, is to ensure that the various patients live as “normal” lives as possible. By virtue of this, they were awarded to Perform daily activities such as cookingdo the laundry or go shopping, go to the bar, all under the supervision of the attendants.

Another essential element is the presence of supermarkets, restaurants and theaters which can also be accessed by outside people. This is allowed to Maintain active exchange and relationships with the rest of the citizens and ensures that the guests can continue their lives in complete tranquility.

These facts must most likely be evaluated and taken into account in order to finally take steps forward, which cannot be achieved through technology alone as in the case of Apple’s specific product for Alzheimer’s patients.

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