An alleged lover of Al Bano appears but denies everything: “I am informing you”

pass themselves off as Bano loverBut the singer-songwriter from Celino San Marco denies everything. This is what happened on Spanish television where the lawyer Patricia Donoso She claimed to have been in a relationship with him for three years. On TeleCinco, Donoso had the protagonist come face to face with artist Apulian during an episode of Save me deluxea talk show hosted by Jorge Javier Vasquez.

The lawyer and alleged lover of Al Bano spoke on the phone regarding the studio where she was located Albano Carisi. The latter even denied her knowledge, which is why Patricia Donoso was provoked, who replied:

“If he says it, it will be because he is and he is right. The guy with a strong voice and sings on the run. Cool, right?”

The provocation was certainly not accepted by Al Bano, who rejected the second accusation and continued the counterattack:

“This woman said I don’t sing live? Woman, that is The second mistake I made tonight. Let’s see how much more you can win.”

Patricia Donoso responded again: “Do you seriously think I did afraid for you?”. Until now:

“Everything I said is the truth and little by little it will prove. I tell you that I know him. For three years we have maintained a relationship and it is, I tell him what he says. We called each other. I looked for your suit, your complaint, but he did not do. I don’t understand why he didn’t say goodbye. I still speak highly of him. Al Bano is great, I didn’t speak ill of him.

At that point Al Bano got to the point: “I’ll give you one complaintbecause he asks for it.”.

The conductor pressed the two, reporting Donoso’s remarks – He said you were an excellent lover. – But how did Al Bano and Patricia Donoso know each other? According to the lawyer’s account, the meeting with Al Bano was to take place at the San Siro stadium where the singer-songwriter was going with his daughter. The two allegedly met thanks to the mediation of the team’s manager, but Carisi claims he only went to the field once and never met Patricia Donoso.

“I didn’t say anything bad.”Donoso said, and Al Bano continued his denial. The singer-songwriter has yet to make any statements on social media.

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