Amazon Black Friday offer on Samsung 25W and 45W chargers

There are many offers on Amazon for Black Friday but the one we mentioned in this article may be of interest to many: Samsung fast chargersFrom 25 watts And from 45 wattsI am proposed to Lowest price it did not arrive.

If you have recently purchased one of the latest Samsung smartphones – such as the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S22 or Samsung Galaxy A53 series, Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G, etc., Without charger in the sales packageThis is an opportunity not to be missed to add a good official accessory to it.

Speech, of course, also applies to any other smartphone you own that supports fast charging up to 25/45W PD (PowerDelivery).

All time low offer on Samsung chargers

The offer is twofold, so let’s start with the cheapest. This is the official Samsung 25W charger with USB Type C port without power cable included in the package. This means that by purchasing it you will not have a USB cable but you can use the one that came in the package with the smartphone. for him The price in the Black Friday offer is 10.99 euros instead of 15.59 euros in the past few days.

The second charger shown is the official 45W Samsung charger (suitable for example for S series smartphones but compatible with any smartphone), with a USB power cable included this time. for him The price in the Black Friday offer is 26.99 euros instead of 33.50 euros in the past few days.

Buy Samsung 25W Fast Charger for € 10.99 from

Buy Samsung 45W fast charger with cable for € 26.99 on

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