Almost a million years ago we have the first evidence that food was cooked with fire

Recently, Israeli archaeologists have uncovered evidence of what appears to be this first dish cooked with fire. Insiders have examined the remains of an extinct carp that appears to have been carefully cooked 780,000 years ago, putting the first use of fire to prepare food as far back as more than 600,000 years.

Using flame to heat and cook food was very important to humankind as it allowed our ancient ancestors to digest food more easily. This leaves more energy available for cognitive development.

Fish can be eaten raw, but cooked fish is more nutritious, safer to eat, easier to digest, and when steamed or baked (but not grilled) retains some important nutrients“, write the experts in the journal “Nature Ecology & Evolution”.However, cooking fish is still unknown and there is no consensus on it.

So far, the first direct evidence of cooking fires has been attributed to ancient communities of Neanderthals and modern humans. about 170,000 years ago. However, the most recent discovery takes that milestone back (and far): Archaeologists have found carp teeth in a layer of sediment dated to 780,000 years old at the Gesher Benot Ya’aqov archaeological site.

Using powder X-ray diffraction to analyze the size and structure of enamel crystals in teeth, the researchers found this to be the case fired at a controlled temperature below 500°C: “One possibility, therefore, is that the inhabitants used some kind of earth oven that maintained a temperature of less than 500°C to cook the fish“.

BTW, here’s how to cook a perfect burger using math instead.

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