All three films were added to Amazon Prime Video on November 23

If you’re looking for new movies to spice up your week, you’ll find it Amazon Prime Video. As usual, the platform offers streaming to its subscribers regularly Original content to suit all tastes. With it, you will have access to movies, series and documentaries of different genres (comedy, action, drama, thriller, sci-fi, etc.).

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This week, the streaming site is enriching its catalog with new productions that are sure to please you. We invite you to discover movie nights and family moments The three documentaries have been added to Amazon Prime Video starting November 23, 2022.

Tad the Explorer: In Search of the Lost City (2012)

Broadcast date: November 23

Species: Adventure and comedy

Director: Enrique Gatto

Summary: This week you will have a Spanish animated film, made in computer-generated imagery and using the technique of cinema in relief. In this movie, we follow Tad, who is a fairly ordinary worker. But the course of his life changes the day he goes wrong with the famous archaeologist. In no time, he was sent on a mission to Peru. There, he must succeed in doing what he has not learned to do.

However, Tad, distracted by nature, can count on the shock team. It consists of Jeff, his loyal dog, an intrepid teacher, a mute parrot, and Sarah, a gorgeous young Peruvian woman. Together, they will have to defend the lost city of the Incas against the treasure hunters. The task does not seem easy.

Good Night Oppy – Amazon Original (2022)

Broadcast date: November 23

gender: documentary

Director: Ryan White

Summary: We now bring you an American Documentary Film that will be released in limited release on November 4, 2022 by Amazon Studios. But it will be broadcast in full this week on Prime Video, November 23, 2022. “Good Night Oppy” tells the story of the Mars rover Opportunity aka Oppy. In 2003, it was launched to Mars on a mission expected to last 90 sols. Note that Sol represents a Martian solar day, which is the apparent period between two successive returns of the Sun to the same meridian.

But the mission didn’t go as planned, and Obi spent 15 years exploring Mars. Therefore, this documentary is an account of the rover’s outings on Mars. Among other things, it reveals archival photos as well as interviews between scientists and engineers.

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Nice Encounter – Amazon Original (2022)

Broadcast date: November 25th

Species: Comedy and romance

Director: Alexander Lehman

Summary: Meet Cute is an American romantic comedy starring Kaley Cuoco (Sheila) and Pete Davidson (Gary) in the lead roles. The first is a young woman with no history residing in Manhattan. One day, she came across a time machine at a nail salon. Then I decided to use it to reproduce past events.

With this machine, Sheila intends above all to continually relive a date she had the night before with Gary. And you, if you had the power to travel in time, what would you do? If you could heal your loved one’s traumas by going back in time, how would you do it? And above all, will you travel back in time to turn an ordinary friend into the perfect partner?

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