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HONOR announces MagicOS 7.0: here’s all the news. MagicOS 7.0 is the new he UI for all news and updated smartphones.all you need to know

Honor MagicOS 7.0

in the last few hours honor official announcement Magic OS 7.0unpublished version of operating system can be found within Honor 80currently presented.

The new interface is It happens in Magic UI 6made its market debut exactly 8 months agoand its denomination changes want to represent farewell to the past In the name of a better user experience.

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in fact they are different news From an aesthetic point of view, since there are many Functionality Introduced by Honor, including a revamped video editor.

Specifically, MagicOS 7.0 improves the user experience in four specific areas: smart connectivity, smart services, performance, privacy, and security.

but let’s go see it together All new features introduced.

Overview of HONOR MagicOS 7.0

Honor MagicOS brings a comprehensive ecosystem with a completely updated software architecture to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Honor MagicOS truly transforms device-based experiences into user-centric experiences by enabling seamless collaboration between devices and the ecosystem – George Zhao, CEO of Honor

HONOR MagicOS 7.0 Detailed News

Let me first point out that Minimal interface designflat icons, a new font (Honor Sans), larger folders, and tons of widgets to customize your home screen.

magic ring

emphasis is also placed on function integrated into magic ringwhich makes it very easy to send documents, share files and notifications between Honor devices.

A new system designed by HONOR developers allows users to use the same keyboard and mouse on many devices Receive calls and notifications on non-smartphone devices and run it same program Continuous mode on all devices.

The user automatic connection systemfast data transfer, smooth operation experience.

magic text

there is also magic text, You can extract text from images and convert them to PDF.

But let’s see everything Key news for HONOR MagicOS 7.0:

  • magic ring (Share between Honor Devices): Multiple devices connected to the same account can connect easily and with low power consumption. It also connects services that allow you to use the same keyboard and mouse on multiple devices, receive notifications on non-smartphone devices, and use the same app on multiple devices.
  • Magic text: Text to Image to PDF
  • OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X, and Link Turbo X: Faster app opening, better power consumption management, smoother gaming, less lag and less network issues for optimized connectivity
  • Magic guard: Better protection from malware, more security for your data, and a higher level of privacy. It consists of her three layers of protection: chipset, operating system and apps. Leverages a dual TEE security system co-developed with Qualcomm

All of these innovations are now available to developers to tackle five scenarios that Honor recognizes as central to the user experience. work remotely, health and exercise, smart home, smart travel, entertainment.

MagicOS 7.0 was developed to be fully compatible. smartphone folding.

Smartphones to be updated to HONOR MagicOS 7.0 and when

  • December 2022
    • Magic V
    • magic 3 ultimate edition
    • magic 3 pro
    • V40
  • January 2023
    • Magic 4 Supreme Edition
    • magic 4
    • magic 4 pro
  • February 2023
  • March 2023
  • April 2023
  • May 2023
    • V40 Light Luxury Edition
    • x40
    • x30

These are the times of the Chinese market.Looking forward to your update on Europe and Italy.


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