All the meaning of my life is in this word.

He will not share many private moments in his new daily life and takes special care to respect the privacy of his children, Margarita and Andrés. Tiziano Ferro’s father…dad, daddy, daddy. He is not yet used to the idea of ​​his children calling him that and shares a touching post on social media.

“Dad…Dad…Dad! There is all the meaning of my life behind this word uttered in such an innocent and sweet way.” Sayings, the artist recently engaged in some promotional activities in Italy to present the album The world is ours.

He now shares a video on social media in which the little girl watches him on TV and calls him “dad”, a great affection for Titian who can’t hold back the feeling of entering a new phase in his life. Tiziano Ferro became a father with her husband, Victor.

“If it’s true that respect is the highest form of love, then I’d say those two dwarves thank you, too.” He writes in the same post. “Because they respected their father’s distance and you took care of him when he was away, so he could feel welcome and loved like never before. We love you.” He concluded by thanking everyone who took care of “dad” when he was out of the house.

The video shared on social media is an excerpt from the last special episode of Verissimo dedicated entirely to Tiziano Ferro and the release of the new recording project of unreleased tracks. A heart-to-heart interview with Silvia Tuvanen, during which Tiziano talks about the great change that has taken place in his life, looking back over the first 20 years of his career.

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