Alexa, a trip around the moon: Here’s how to send a message in space

Did you know that inside the Orion spacecraft there is a IPAD? And this is possible to send a message That camera will shoot to share with the whole world? A curious fact, but the presence of the Apple tablet in space was predicted by the Artemis I mission as a component Callisto experimental payload Made by Cisco, Lockhead Martin, and Amazon.

And given the latter’s post, it’s not hard to believe there There’s also Alexa, which once dethroned Siri as the tablet’s virtual assistant. Its presence is important because the test is precisely aimed at Check out the potential contribution you can make inside the spacecraftnot so much in Artemis I – unmanned – as in Artemis III, a mission that will return man to the moon.

measure distances and more

The iPad hosting Alexa is integrated within a Custom designed hardware From Lockheed Martin to withstand shock, vibration and radiation. As Amazon announced at CES in Las Vegas last January, in future tasks the Assistant will be able to offer Astronaut technical informationin addition to keeping them company: in short, it will be able to communicate telemetry data, in addition to revealing the final result of the sports match that has just ended on our planet.

Callisto will demonstrate how voice, artificial intelligence, and video conferencing technology on a tablet can help improve efficiency and awareness for those on spacecraft by providing access to real-time mission information, virtual communication with people, and information about Earth. Its goal is to explore how these commercial technologies can support astronauts on future deep space missions to the Moon and beyond.

If you want to try to send a message In space, take a look at this link. You may not even be chosen, but it never hurts to try. The message must contain a maximum of 120 characters and will be moderated. Then it will be sent to Orion via the Deep Space Network. The message can also be sent via the Explore Orion app.

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