After the World Cup’s rejected armband case, Marc Delaire fires Gianni Infantino and FIFA (VIDEO)

This World Cup is certainly one of controversy. At the start of the competition, armbands, made with the aim of combating discrimination, were the focus of discussions. Indeed, the seven European teams that were planning to wear this colorful armband gave up in Qatar on Monday in the face of the threat of “sporting sanctions”. “FIFA has been very clear, they will impose sporting sanctions if our captains wear armbands on the pitch. As national associations, we cannot ask our players to risk sporting sanctions, including yellow cards,” the seven federations wrote.

However, for some, this blackmail on the part of FIFA is very difficult to pass. Starting with Mark Delaire, who did not hesitate to blow up the International Federation of Football Associations, and specifically its president, Gianni Infantino, on the “Le Vestiaire” program. “Until the end, I’m going to wear this bracelet, because it matters. When I hear Gianni Infantino say ‘I’m gay’ and two days later this tape is banned, I think it’s a world of hypocrites. The only thing he could have said that could have been true is ‘I’m an ass’ Fake”. Because it’s a world of pseudo-donkeys, a superficial world. Football is not for them. All federations must unite and prevent Gianni Infantino from running again in 2023, because he embodies everything that stinks about football. To continue like this is to accept what It is unacceptable.”

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