Ads on the lock screen? They can come up with a hint

If today’s ads are annoying, they may be worse in the future, especially if you’re on an Android device. In fact, the Glance platform may be on the cusp of universal access to this operating systemand it will not be an entirely positive step.

Glance is already available on many Android smartphones sold in India and Asia, and very rarely in Europe as well. It is not a traditional app that can be downloaded from the Play Store, but it comes built-in as an integral part of the system.

Basically what it does is provide dynamic lock screen, scroll through news, videos, wallpapers, different news and much more. Unfortunately, More also includes many very annoying ads. The service has a very low reputation, but this did not prevent the company from striving to launch it in the United States.

Indeed, it seems that Over the next two months, Glance will debut in the United States. Obviously, it will not be installed on all devices: the “victims” will be mid-to-low-range smartphones. The service displays a mixture of advertised and search-based content on the lock screen. On many smartphones, it cannot be deactivated.

As announced, the main novelty is the launch in America, since Glance is already in Europe, even if it has been seen very little. However, adoption by US manufacturers could lead to widespread global use. It remains to be seen if the deal will go through and spam ads are more common.

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