Acea hit by hackers: no blocking of critical services

Around this time, Acea was under attack by hackers, apparently from this morning. There aren’t many details on the subject, but the issue appears to be under effective control, and any disadvantages or malfunctions have been disabled. So there will be no impact on water or electricity distribution, as reported by major news outlets.

Acea is working with the National Cybersecurity Agency (Acn) and Postal Police to successfully manage the issue, and the company’s internal services are of primary interest and are currently being verified and controlled. .

the manager is Ransomware known as Black Basta, has continued to cause victims in almost every corner of the globe since April 2022. Ramsonware is a malware type of software that restricts access to infected devices by encrypting their content and demands a ransom to restore normal data usage. As some of you may remember, in 2021 San Carlo (yes, the famous potato chip company) was hit with similar malware.

We do not have any other information about Acea’s status at this time, but we will discuss this matter again when more details emerge.

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