A tax inspector was killed when a second-hand goods dealer committed suicide

A first source explained that this junk dealer was “visited by a tax inspector” and “isolated at his home.”

She added that the inspector “deceased” and that “the scrap dealer committed suicide,” explaining that the gendarmerie had warned of a “witness”.

“When the gendarmes arrived, the two men were dead,” she said.

A second source said the inspector was killed “from several stab wounds.”

A survivor

This source added that a “tax inspector” was also found “tied to a chair and severely shocked.”

The research department of the Gendarmerie de Hauper de France has been captured.

The firefighters, who were called around 7:00 pm, confirmed at the beginning of the evening “two people dead in Bolecour and one injured on the verge of being transported”, explaining that the intervention “is still in progress”.

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