A son for Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale: the indiscretion in the adoption

A child is on the way Paola Turci and Franz Pascale? The couple has not yet been confirmed, but by the weekly newspaper today an indiscretion has arrived, according to which the two women intend to expand the family.

A child for Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale?

Corresponding todayPaola Turci and Francesca Pascale would stay “Thinking of Foster Parenting or Adoption”but at the moment there are no official statements.

The couple wed in July after days of rumors and leaks, both of which turned out to be unfounded. Confirmation could arrive in the next few days, but for now it’s good to remember that child adoption by couples isn’t allowed in Italy homosexuals.

In the European Union, the countries where legislation allows adoption and foster care for rainbow couples are Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden Slovenia.

The case is emblematic Titian Ferrothe 2022 along with her husband winner became the father of Pizza Margherita and Andrew in the United States.

The Wedding and the Accident

Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale were married on July 2nd in the municipality of Montalcino (Siena) with a private ceremony. After the rumors, the couple released the pictures in wedding dresses, which confirmed all the rumors about their relationship.

A month later, Paola Turci was the victim of an accident in which she a head trauma which caused fans concern, but his wife Francesca Pascale immediately reassured everyone: “The Worst Is Over”and the singer-songwriter herself immediately broke the silence: “I’m doing well”.

Lately, Turci has always been busy with the presentation tour of her book i will love the samea story of her life, in which she also chronicles the tragic accident of 1993 that disfigured her but miraculously survived.

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