A significant number of precarious people die before they can access pensions

According to Mutual Aid, “As a result, many precarious people will die without even being able to receive the pensions they have contributed to for the rest of their lives.”

According to the latter, the total amount of pensions to be received by the most vulnerable would be €7 billion if social inequalities in life expectancy were eliminated, i.e. if all the poorest had the same life expectancy. will exceed. richest.

Solidaris therefore believes it is essential to address the issue of access to full pensions in the light of job difficulties and social inequalities in health and mortality.

“If it is not possible to review the statutory retirement age for all social categories, it is possible to access a decent pension before this age (age 67, editor’s note), subject to the criteria of occupational difficulty and health status exercised. We encourage interrelationships.” “Making jobs sustainable is a prerequisite for pension reform. The persistence of , she argues, will only lead to a financial shift from the pension system to the disabled.

Retirement age is not just a Belgian issue. Debate rages in France, where days of mobilization continue in the face of unpopular projects. Macron’s government wants to raise the retirement age from his 62 to his 64.

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