A potential conflict with verviéois aperitifs

Dison’s refusal to allow major events to take place at Espace 58 in Dison continues to cause concern in Verviers. After the Sinterklaas of the students who have to move to Place Verte, the aperitifs will also have to move from Vervié. One of the likely clues is that he too is moving to Place Verte. But Sinterklaas comes the next day. Luc Demarche, the president of the trade association, is afraid. He thinks there are cleanliness issues. “We saw it during the Belgian Beer, there were shards of bottles, pieces of glass, etc. pretty much everywhere. Verviéois aperitifs emphasize alcohol. Doesn’t that leave a lot of dirt behind? »

Remarks that surprise the municipal majority insofar as nothing has been decided at this stage and that it is quite possible to ask the organizer to ensure a certain cleanliness before the passage of the great saint.

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