A police helicopter flew over the town searching for the two men.

Around noon this Wednesday, many people warned on social networks that helicopters were flying over the town of Luz. In fact, in the triangle between the city center, the Collegiate Church of Saint-Pierre, the Grand Place and the train station, a police helicopter circled in the air.

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Two men in their 20s from North Africa were wanted by mass police. A real manhunt was organized to find the two thugs. “These are two individuals who came from Brussels and are awaiting canonization,” explains Mayor Lucien Rawart. We arrive in the city by train, that’s what happened in our town this morning, and we also used the helicopter assistance that was in the area, they were traveling by bicycle, and we were on the ground picking them up. It wasn’t easy to find, so this helped in the search.”

The two men were eventually arrested. “Everything stolen has been returned to its owner.”

Initial rumors indicated it was a prisoner breakout from Roose’s ultra-modern prison.

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