A new step to the new digital land in exactly one month

The next step to the new digital land is really upon us. In exactly one month there will be a final shutdown of transmissions with MPEG-2 encoding of all national and local channels. The switch will, of course, be made in favor of higher quality MPEG-4 encoding. In the four weeks that separate us from the important change, it will be time to prepare properly for what is to come, unless you want to arrive a little unprepared for the appointment.

In fact, with the day of December 20th, All broadcast television stations will be phasing out the MPEG-2 coding. For this reason, from the day after December 21, 2022, digital terrestrial television programs will only be broadcast in MPEG-4, without any exceptions. From this it follows that those who do not have a TV or decoder that supports the specified display mode will remain completely dry from content.

The path towards a new digital land has been on the road for some time. With specific reference to turning off MPEG-2 encoding in favor of MPEG-4, Already since last March some RAI and Mediaset channels have been introduced but also for other local channels MPEG-4 encoding has been introduced in simulcasting with MPEG-2 This allowed the reception of transmissions. From next December 21 there will be no replacement and therefore older devices will not be able to see normal programming.

As stated over and over again, Checking if your TV supports the new verification standard can be done by simply checking if you are watching channels from position 100 onwards. If not, you will have to purchase a new device. As for the necessary expenses, it should be noted that it will not be possible to count on the TV and cancel the bonus, which ran out of money on November 12th.

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