A new species of tardigrade has been found in an unexpected place

Tardigrades are truly amazing creatures, thanks to their “superpowers” that have earned them the title of the strongest animal on Earth. Recently, in fact, researchers found a New species in the dunes Rukwa National Park in Finland.

Before now, we knew only four types, while this (fifth) is distinguished Paws and claws are adaptations for life in the sand And in the soil. She was called Macrobiotus naginaea name that Harry Potter fans may have found familiar because it was named after Nagini, Lord Voldemort’s serpent.

In this place, “water bears” are eaten by the snails Arianta arbustorum. In a second study, the researchers managed just that Recovery of live tardigrades from the feces of quarter snails they found, providing the first direct evidence that they can survive the journey through the digestive system of these slithering creatures.

Adapting to the digestion process inside the body of snails can be very beneficial for these small animals because they can Use it as a “corridor” to colonize other regions. “In two days, a snail can travel 10 metersStatement on discovery.This is a large distance for an object smaller than 1 millimeter.

By the way, did you know that the water bear is not the only creature with superpowers?

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