A new secure and fast VPN costs only 1.45 euros per month on Black Friday

The period from Black Friday It’s usually the right time to buy new tech equipment. This year, however, the most interesting offers concern the world of software and in particular an increasingly important sector such as that of VPN’sessential tools to maximize online privacy.

Among the many proposals available on the Internet, l deserves the limelightAtlasVPN offer, one of the best speed and security solutions in the VPN industry, which is also becoming the most convenient choice ever today.

Thanks to’Black Friday offerIn fact, AtlasVPN only costs 1.45 euros per month. Simply select the two-year service plan to get an additional 6 months free (for a total of 30 months of subscription) at a cost of around 43 euros.

The offer in question allows access to AtlasVPN with a 85% discount.

VPN Black Friday already has a winner: spend €1.45 a month with the AtlasVPN deal

So choosing AtlasVPN for Black Friday is currently the most convenient choice when looking for a new VPN. The guaranteed service is excellent and complete by providing:

  • a network of over 750 servers scattered all over the world
  • a secure connection with AES-256, ChaCha20 and IPSec/IKEv2 encryption and tunnels built by WireGuard
  • an automatic detection and blocking system for malware and other malicious content
  • a high speed connection thanks to the lack of bandwidth caps
  • a service indeed multidevice thanks to the possibility of using an unlimited number of devices simultaneously with the VPN

These features help to make Atlas VPN the right choice to bet on to activate a new VPN. there new black friday offer which allows access to the service at a cost of 10.45 euros per month definitely certifies the convenience of AtlasVPN. With these conditions, it is one of the best value for money options to focus on at the moment.

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