A new disturbance is coming: then cold and rain will arrive

It’s time to leave Poppea behind, the intense hurricane-force cyclone that has spared no area of ‚Äč‚ÄčItaly and has caused severe damage as news of one arrives new disorder approximation.

A new storm is coming

According to the findings of the experts from meteo.itanother wave of bad weather it would approach our country from the Atlantic, with important consequences for the next weekend. Meteorologists assure us that we will see the first effects in the next few hours.

Today, Thursday, November 24th, it’s fairly calm, but the first signs will soon arrive on the peninsula, starting from the southern areas, specifically from southern Calabria to the easternmost part of Sicily. It will mainly be about that you draw of Cyclone Poppea.

However, starting Friday, we will start noticing the first signs of the new disruption. Friday, 11/25, experts predict, heavy clouds will gather in the skies of Liguria, Sardinia and the central Tyrrhenian areas, which will bring the first rains, if not thunderstorms. Particular observers will be Tuscany, Sardinia, Lazio and part of the Ligurian Levant. In certain areas, they informed Meteo.it, up to 44 mm of rain will fall.

On the other hand, most of the areas in northern Italy and the Adriatic areas in central and southern Italy will have better weather conditions, but in any case the disruption will continue throughout the year weekendget more and more energy. Only the northern regions will be saved. A cyclone is expected to form over the weekend that will affect several regions.

falling temperatures

Unfortunately the temperatures. There is talk of a few degrees below average, especially in central north. The cause lies in the arrival of the new cyclone, which will take Poppea’s place.

The counter-clockwise rotation will attract colder air from the Balkans, which will envelop our country. Regions along the Sul will experience the largest declines Adriatic sideespecially in the central and southern areas.

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