A new bug sends Android Auto into a limbo: the ‘culprit’ will be Google Maps

While the new version of Android Auto (codename: “Coolwalk”) is available to everyone, Many users are having a problem with the “old” version. In particular, the error will affect such car owners Mazdas and BMWin this case models that use i Manual controls To control the infotainment screen. In fact, it looks like Android Auto would make navigation complicated, if not impossible.

Specifically, gUsers highlighted that importance is above all else with the launch of Google Maps, which would send Android Auto into a crashing state until it is forced to crash. While waiting for an official communication from Google, some owners have worked hard to find an immediate and effective solution. Around, The “patch” that seems to work is to go back to an earlier version of Google Maps for Android Auto, or 11.28.7, which won’t cause any problems.

While awaiting a potential move by the Mountain View giant, Many users are beta testing the new version of Android Auto. In fact, Google recently reopened enrollment in the beta program.

It is enough to register and wait for the application to automatically update through the Play Store. Among the most interesting innovations is the fall of the new app bar and the decidedly split interface, which is the possibility of a split screen to host two apps side by side at the same time.

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