a man who is hit by a car while going to get sandwiches, his life is in danger

Shortly before noon, a serious accident occurred at the intersection of the Route d’Ath and the Avenue du Roi Chevalier.

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A man was knocked down by a car as he crossed the road at the pedestrian crossing. “His days are in danger. He was taken by ambulance to Ambroise Paré Hospital around 12:20 p.m.,” police say. The lady, driver, who drove up the road towards Ath would have been blinded by the sun and would not have seen the man crossing seen.

The victim’s clothing is still present. -EG

This intersection is known to be dangerous and it is not the first time that this intersection has been the scene of an accident. Several residents have also expressed themselves on social networks. It read: “When are we going to do something serious to secure this pedestrian crossing? » or even « This road to Ath is a permanent danger. If you stop at this crosswalk to let people pass you…”

Diversion routes have been set up to avoid the intersection. The road is still blocked at the moment.

The impact is visible on the car.
The impact is visible on the car. -EG

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