A lady arrives on RTBF to spit her poison on the tournament

At about 7:40 pm, on the program “Le briefing”, a lady landed on the RTBF website, on Tipik. It spat its poison on this competition before it was “pushed out”.

Here’s what she said: “It’s time to change the world, stop watching this stupid haircut, stop selling cola, stop this crap, stop this junk press. Not one. Ruin the World Cup.”

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Then Benjamin Dekoninck, Lieutenant-Colonel, responded. “We are here to talk about it. And everyone has their own opinion. It had to happen because people have the right to express themselves here, not like in Qatar.”

Frédéric Wassig, a chancellor who was taken aback by the situation, took charge. “Exactly, besides, in this group, we still allow ourselves to talk about it a lot.”

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