A historical date that is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce merchants

We’ve all now noticed the fact that, generally in the last decade but with one strong rise in recent years, Online purchases are catching up and evening out, if not directly exceeding costs in physical stores in many sectors, from fashion and luxury to everything reminiscent of the tech and high-tech sectors, right up to the most common household and everyday things. If e-commerce and virtual shopping numbers were once truly marginal, and related mostly to younger segments of the world’s population and consumers, millennials and beyond, Data, statistics and academic studies show how online shopping has become the first choice for many segments of the populationwithout much distinction of age or geographical origin: it benefits all social and personal groups, to meet the most disparate needs.

In this sense, if we once relied on online purchases only for cheap, inexpensive and “superficial” goods, today there are more and more people who rely on the web even for important purchases, from household appliances to technology and even cars. In short, the new trade is digitalIn all traditional and non-traditional purchasing sectors. From this point of view, Much less rational and more instinctive online purchases have emerged in recent years from some commercial initiatives Which is becoming increasingly successful throughout Europe and beyond, first of all Black Friday. According to various studies and statistics, 2021, which is a certain year in terms of trade due to the covid-19 pandemic, seems to have broke any previous record In terms of online purchases, especially during the Black Friday period, the peak is around 80% of online shopping by Italians.

In short, if today’s Black Friday marks one of the main commercial peaks of the year, we must always be careful, not allowing ourselves to be “fooled” by any promotion that comes before our eyes. In fact, Black Friday doesn’t always mean savings and convenience. This can be discovered, for example, by following some useful buying tips that can be found online on platforms such as perfecto.it.

In fact, the main purpose of platforms like this is It helps you find the real offers available in the market, indicating the products that have been applied to a significant price discount. For example, it will help you to go online regarding the upcoming Black Friday of 11.25.2022, with some Valuable tips on how to find suitable offers.

On business events such as Black Friday, it is possible to come across slogans and promises of discounts like: “Save up to 50%!” Is this just an advertising promise to attract customers to online stores during Black Friday? In some cases, the answer is yes. Although there are some great deals, not everything is cheaper on Black Friday. Some products may have lower prices in the days leading up to Black Friday. To find out what to buy on Black Friday, the next section covers discounts on major product categories like cell phones, TVs, sneakers, headphones, hardware, and more. To find out how much you can save on online stores during Black Friday, Idealo.uk conducted an extensive price survey, A selection of the 50 most popular Black Friday 2021 product categories and a detailed analysis of the price evolution of products in each category. The result: the average savings during Black Friday was only 6% (data from Idealo.es).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t save a lot in individual product categories. Indeed, the analysis revealed that Black Friday can still be considered the shopping day of the year par excellence, but good deals can also be found in the preceding weeks. Analysis of the average weekly price of the most popular Christmas gifts of 2021 on Idealo.it from October to December and if it is true that in almost all categories the best discounts are on Black Friday, in some of them is it possible to find excellent offers even in past weeks. For example, the survey showed that smart watches, electric scooters, and speakers are the three categories that in 2021 offered the best discounts in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. On the other hand, the prices of consoles and laptops fell after the big event. Other categories had their lowest prices in the week of Black Friday, though not always on the same day. In short, this seems to be the conclusion: It pays to shop, compare prices and activate a price alert as early as the end of October or the beginning of November, In order for you to get the best offers!

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