5 touch tablets for work

Continue selecting touch tablets by application. Today they are offered as tablets especially suitable for office automation, professional use or hyper-connected presentations.

Tablets have a big advantage over computers when working on the move.their Autonomy is often bettertheir reduced form makes them easy to carry Some can even afford to connect 4G or 5Gperfect for working in any situation.

Apple tablet (iPad)

At the operating system level, you have many choices. Apple brand enthusiasts can find their mark on the iPad, especially the new iPad Pro, which incorporates the manufacturer’s latest M2 chip, making it the most powerful tablet on the market.

For mobile work and presentations, tablets like the iPad Air combine lightness, fluidity, ultra-comfortable power and display quality. App Store Not to mention the abundance of application stores.

Android tablet

more, running on tablets android Offering a wide range of choices, you can find ergonomics closer to your smartphone and increase your productivity without losing your mark.

For example, we can cite the Samsung tablet, which is an example of this genre. Of course, when it comes to the iPad, there is a content-rich application store called the Google Play Store, millions of software to download.Choose your tablet carefullystorage space It’s big enough and can even be expanded with an integrated memory card reader.

galaxy tab

ChromeOS tablet

Google is the origin of Android, but it is also the origin of Android. Chrome OSThis home operating system is perfect for basic office use. You can run word processing, spreadsheets, and use other applications in the Google office suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides etc). This extremely lightweight OS guarantees great fluidity and autonomy of the terminal and above all complete security with automatic updates.

Chrome OS

Windows tablet

clearly, Windows 11 Also available for Microsoft’s Surface series of tablets. Of course I’m thinking of the Surface Go 3. Working under Windows gives users access to all the software they use for their regular work. Here’s Microsoft’s solution that combines the best of his two worlds: PCs and tablets.

Don’t hesitate to add accessories to improve your productivity and comfort. If you do a lot of word processing, you probably want a keyboard. Graphic designers and on-the-fly sketchers, on the other hand, benefit from having a stylus handy.

Finally, some graphic designers and image professionals rely on this type of device, which combines the advantages of a computer and a graphics tablet. If you’re not sure which one to choose, here are five of her professionally-proven tablets.

Surface Go 3

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