5 strange and useful products for less than 10 euros for Black Friday Amazon

It’s time to shop without feeling guilty Black Friday Amazon. Check out these 5 very useful productsI, which you can take Less than 10 euros With super fast and free shipping, guaranteed by Prime services.

this is hubs 5 in 1 Equipped with 3 USB ports and two external memory readers. All the space you need, starting with just one USB port. Perfect for desktop and laptop computers, get it for €7.99 now.

a 2 in 1 USB flash drive Well 128 GB of available storage space for your files. With USB A and USB C outputs, you can easily connect it to your computer, smartphone and tablet. without any adapter. Big space for a small price: get it now for €9.85.

One HDMI switches Perfect for connecting to your TV to connect set-top boxes, consoles, media players, NAS, and just about anything you want. From one entry, you get two: With the touch of a button you can switch from one device to another. Simply “detach and attach”: get it now for €8.78.

Let’s move on to doing it yourself, using universal key. Do you know what this is? Well, basically – once it’s installed on your handle or drill – it replaces the vast majority of what you have in your toolbox. In fact, you can thread and manipulate various screws, nuts, hooks, and various inserts (such as screwing, unscrewing, or pulling). In short, your new DIY best friend. Get the original model for € 7.99 in promotion.

Finally, one compact – But she’s strong – Owlette torch. A brand that certainly needs no introduction as it is a pioneer in its sector. When it’s at that price, the only thing to do to take advantage of it is to buy it. Extremely powerful and bright, at €9.56 it’s a must-have.

Have you already chosen the tool you want Less than 10 euros – Very useful – you will take it for Black Friday Amazon? Don’t over think it because these are limited time deals. Fast and free shipping for Prime subscribers.

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