5 smartphones you can buy today

The Black Friday 2022 You can’t miss it, especially the one on Amazon where you can find offers like crazy. If you are waiting for the day with the most extraordinary discounts with this craze, believe me you will be rewarded because you really have a lot of possibilities at your fingertips.

Today we are talking about smartphones and why do I include the usual 5 when I can show you some models that may pass but are exceptional? with the gods Low prices and scary discounts, You can’t miss them.

Complete your purchase as soon as possible because stocks may run out and remember that shipments are fast and free throughout Italy with Prime services.

Black Friday 2022: Smartphones are not to be underestimated

There are many smartphones on Amazon, but these 5 models can’t escape you.

Let’s start with Samsung Galaxy M52 5G phoneSmartphone browsing at top speed. With everything you need for more than daily use, this phone is a bombshell. On sale on Amazon for only 299 euros with a discount of 99 euros.

Black Friday 2022

Then we move on to realme 9 Which astonishes you in this coloring at first sight. With the large AMOLED screen, you can enjoy your favorite apps like never before. Camera and battery are at peak performance. On sale on Amazon for only 199 euros at a discount of 80 euros.

Black Friday 2022

There is time too Motorola Moto G52 It is a gem product. Perfect if you want it all and spend a little, it doesn’t make you bargain. Strong point? Expandable memory and two SIM cards. It is on sale on Amazon for only 187 euros with a discount of over 100 euros.

Black Friday 2022

It can’t be missing OnePlus Nord 2 Which, thanks to its support for 5G technology, makes you work wherever you want. Triple camera and 65W rechargeable battery. 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of unlimited storage. for sale On Amazon for only 333 euros At a discount of 166 euros.

We conclude b OPPO Find x5 PRO, certainly the most expensive on this list but without a doubt, a smartphone that is not afraid of impact. Premium from all points of view, if you want to aim for the best, don’t choose anything else. On sale on Amazon for only 839 euros at a discount of 460 euros.

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