42% reduction, a goal achieved through complementary technologies!

The Belgian distributor has pledged to produce zero emissions across the entire cargo transportation chain by 2035. Besides electricity, hydrogen will play a major role within the company through its logistics operations and transportation activities.

The distributor intends to invest in zero-emission vehicles, both for its own transportation to warehouses and for transportation by its suppliers to distribution centers. By 2030, Colruyt aims to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42%.

Colruyt intends to achieve this goal through complementary technologies. First, vehicles equipped with battery electric but also hydrogen engines will be necessary to make the transition.

Currently, the distribution group emits the equivalent of 87,547 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Just over a quarter comes from the fuel consumption of its fleet (23,797 tCO2). The other 60,000 tons comes from freight transportation done by service providers who drive the group’s vehicles.

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