31 years ago, Freddie Mercury, who was already a legend, died

“Doctor, stop! Ho Die!”And so, with a desperate cry, Roberto da Ponte recounts his death Freddie Mercury in his book Another Freddie Mercury.

That cry from Joe Fanelli, personal chef for the Queen frontman, who from the Mews car parks stands in front of the front hood of Dr. Atkinson, ready to leave. It’s last minute news. Freddie Mercury died, hence the assistant Peter Friston He told Fanelli to run to Atkinson, who had just visited the singer, and stop him before he left.

Atkinson returns to the Garden Lodge, where the opposing worlds of silence and confusion now reign. Freddie Mercury on this bed after he took an exhausted last breath. Dr. Atkinson fills out the death certificate. at 6:48 p.m November 24, 1991And Freddie Mercury passed away.

The Queen of Genius singer dies bohemian rhapsody, the man who is already a legend is dying. Next to him is his companion Jim Huttonwhich saw the artist make one last move before leaving this world. He died of bronchial pneumonia, aggravated by AIDS, a disease that was taboo in those years. In his last shots and his last TV appearance, Freddie Mercury is no longer the athletic beast of the stage. His face is gaunt, his body is tender, and his expression is pained.

Farroukh Balasarathat was his first name, now lies on that bed while his mother Jer and his father Bomi caress him. “how beautiful he is”Gere says. Jim Hutton recalls, as da Ponte wrote: Freddie seemed so calm, ecstatic, and radiant that they asked if we made it up to him..

at midnight Roxy Meda Queen spokesperson, issues the press release:

“Freddie Mercury died peacefully this evening at his home in Kensington, London. His death was the result of bronchitis pneumonia caused by AIDS.”

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